Carolina Book & Writer Conference

Just before COVID, I made a contact during lunch at this event that became a vital influence on a life-changing decision I was roughly 13 hours away from making. I'm super excited to announce I'll be attending this 2022 Carolina…

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LA ComicCon 2021 

It's been a long, long time since I went to a ComicCon. 1989 to be exact. Way back then, I was only a fan. This time I'm a fan... with his name on some books.  

Come see Royal House Comics

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One for One

1 for 1

"When a vengeful man enters a seedy motel to rescue his wayward sister, her captors fight back."


I teamed up with the mighty Delvecchio Faison for this hard hitting horror- noir one shot for Royal House Comics.

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Royal House Comics

Thrilled to announce I've joined the team at Royal House Comics!

We have a few really exciting projects in development, but I'm especially happy to release

Red September: The Rook & Mr. Monday issue #0 7/18 (Webtoon/AudioComic/Comicbook formats)




Don't's only Chuck.

If nothing else, The Lockdown Year has given all of us a little extra time to lean in to our creative pursuits, this page is where mine gather. Have a look, take a listen, drop a note. An exciting new…

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